Victoria’s Accredited Museums Map

Victoria’s Accredited Museums Map

Dimity worked with Museums Australia (Victoria)’s Museum Accreditation Program to create an online map of Victoria’s Accredited Museums.

The map has a responsive website design, enabling users to view the map on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The map requests location data from your device, and can show ‘museums near you’. The site also allows the user to search for museums close to a particular location, browse museums by region, and search museums by keyword.

The site has a self-administration system for the Accredited Museums listing, allowing the staff at Museums Australia (Victoria) to update the details.

View the map of Victoria’s Accredited Museums at

A a suite of Postcards was also created to promote the website. Spanning across the different types of museums, these postcards were distributed to museums and visitor centres to help promote Victoria’s Accredited Museums.